Day 5: Fisheries Camp

May 20, 2016: I said goodbye to fish camp today after our Last Breakfast this morning. The night before was the Last Supper, but that garnered no laughs. Nonetheless, it’s still bittersweet to say goodbye.

After a morning of lulling around, taking a final practical and exam, lulling around some more and packing up, we headed out.


day 5 - 1
Summer Camp students pack up and exchange contact information before loading in the vans and driving back home. PC: Jillian Clemente

Yes, I’m excited to head home, do laundry, and take a much-needed four-hour nap, but this immersive camp was exactly what I needed to know that I want to commit to this major and be with these types of people.

I’ll miss this group and all the times spent in our Grape Van…

…and learning all of these techniques. I swear I learned valuable information this week and didn’t just fish the whole time. The little information I knew going in was completely surpassed by the end of the week. I’ve never electroshocked with a boat or parallel wires before and thought all nets looked the same.

But now, through this valuable, hands-on experience, I’m comfortable discussing larval traps  and the ins and outs of a hatchery. I’ve learned to identify a heck of a lot of macroinvertebrates and fishes. I have a long way to come, and lectures in the fall will help with that. Yes, they’ll be fun-filled and packed with much-needed information, but driving all over the state of West Virginia and Jackson’s Mill will be missed.

Until next fisheries camp…