#WestVirJillianTravels: Wyoming

Life isn’t real right now. I can look outside my window and see a passing moose or mule deer in a river that snakes between snow-capped mountains.


I’m in Granite Creek State Park near Jackson, Wyoming, and the Grand Tetons working for Safari Club International Foundation.

I still can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

Maybe it’s because I’m wiped from the 5 a.m. wakeup after the Pens’ saddening Game 4 loss, the almost-missed flight to Phoenix or the Grand Canyon-viewing 2 hour flight to Jackson.

me and grand tetons.jpg

How I got the job still baffles me. I applied to general Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design funds and didn’t hear anything back for a bit. Come time to pay my bill and I saw “SCI Foundations” on my accepted scholarships.

I immediately emailed my advisor, questioning the money. Obviously, I wasn’t complaining about free money; I just wanted to make sure it was mine and not someone else’s, ya know?

Turns out it was mine – yay! – and my advisor said there may be an internship attached if I wanted it. I called and SCI said, “Yeah, come one out! Teach at AWLS!”


And here I am sitting on my computer in Jackson, Wyoming, preparing for training to properly teach at SCI Foundation’s American Wilderness Leadership School.

Literally nothing is real right now. I’m just going to drink some water to fight altitude sickness and go to bed. And hope the Pens don’t choke in their game tomorrow.

But, of course, I had a few seconds to decorate my cabin!IMG_6381.JPG

Mine is on the right side, in case you couldn’t tell 🙂