Work & Home on the Ranges

It’s only been three days for me spent in Jackson, WY, but the concept of “work” has changed from the physic’s definition of “a force applied to an object” or a 9-5 office space to, now, sighting in .22 rifles and pistols.

The .22 rifle range. There are separate shotgun and handgun ranges.

Firearms instructor Doug said he needed help sighting in the .22 rifles and handguns, so I, out of my own kindness and altruism, graciously gave my time and volunteered to shoot a few rounds.

Ha. I squealed at the mention of sighting in rifles. Overall, I did about average. All that was required was to get it in the black to make sure new shooters can’t blame the equipment right away.

These were all .22 rifles. The left target was left-handed and loaded with a clip. The other two are right-handed single-load chambers.

I also shot a youth gun with a shorter stock and extremely difficult trigger pull. I managed to shoot all around and barely nick the bull’s eye.

The youth gun is better for smaller-framed people. I am not one of those people.

The youth gun’s trigger pull was very hard, so I kept yanking the shot to the left or right. The other targets were breathing and bench form.

And Doug even pulled out his AR as a surprise!! I hit the paper and was elated.

The AR is such a fun gun to shoot!

After checking on the .22 rifles, we headed to the handgun range. There were 2 revolvers and 2 semi-automatic handguns. The range was 7 yards away, which is the average distance from an attacker to a handgun-wielding home defender.

Shooting a .22 revolver with some snow-capped mountains in the background for work? No problem!

After heading back to the main lodge and eating a few meals, NASP-certified instructors John and Laura took me for a stroll to shoot the 3D archery targets. There are about a dozen, ranging from 10 to 32 yards.









Of the 12, there is one from a platform, which is where Laura was nice enough to take photos of me. She took my cover photo for this post. Thank you!


Tomorrow (today? Whatever day it is? June 9, I think) students arrive for the first session. I’ll be a student for the first 8 days of class to be able to better teach it. I’m #hype, of course, but that means a busier schedule and less time to post.

I’ll try to keep posting as frequently as I can, of course, but the moose are calling and I must go. That’s how the John Muir quote goes, right?

Listening for the call of the other moose or mountains?

(It’s mountains. “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”)