Flowers A-Bloomin’

Maybe my sassy headbands have been seeping something into my head, but I feel like I’m turning into a flower child because I’m loving #alloftheflowers that are literally everywhere around camp.

So, brace yourself. It’s about to get wild.

Bitterroot on and off the cover of “Rocky Mountain Wildflowers.”

Bad pun aside, the mountains here are littered with wildflowers. You can’t look past a chizzler without seeing one of these little beauties sprout up.

Phlox varies from dark pink to white.

They grow freely, refusing to let grasses or the sagebrush get in their way.

Century plant stands tall despite its competition.
Henbane. It’s brown. I really like this one.

And a PowerPoint of 50 doesn’t even begin to cover the various species sprawled everywhere there is soil available.

Spotted coralroot. There’s also striped which has stripes instead of the spots.

There are plenty of sticky geranium, and I love them just the same.

Sticky geranium is a type of orchid.

But this flower was only spotted for two days before a mule deer got to it.

Fairyslipper didn’t have enough magic to make it through the first week I was here.

Even dogs think flowers are worth chasing down.

Rocky mountain iris even caught the eye of Hannah, the dog.

The people who settled and created the taxonomy definitely had fun naming these, too.

Lousewort. It’s like naming your kid “Ugly.”
Bluebell. It’s a blue flower and looks like a bell #duh
Beardtongue. Looks more like a dragon’s tongue to me, which was its original common name, but it changed.
Western coneflower: looks like a flower with a cone on it that lives in the west.

And the ringer: rosy pussytoes, meaning like a cat’s toes. Jeepers, how language has evolved over the years!

Rosy pussytoes

Note: The cover photo is “prairie smoke” that isn’t quite in bloom yet.