Wren you bird, you smile

Happy first day of school! Well, for those that start after Labor Day. I started way back on Aug. 16 (and I’m still not sure why).

But anywho, more importantly, it’s Adam’s first day as a teacher! He’s been a TA for biology classes during his time as a master’s student. He graduated in May, and he already has a job. Totally rad, my dude!

Peep the crocs! His mom was a little upset he wasn’t wearing his pair for graduation.

Thanks for being the most #extreme friend and always willing to be your awesome, croc-loving self. From jamming out to blink-182 or church hymns on the way to birding in West Virginia or Maryland, it’s been a great 3 years. Have fun in Virginia teaching high schoolers about biology and stuff!

Besides being congratulatory, this post is also to share silly pictures that didn’t quite make the first cut of other posts. From banding birds

…to checking blue bird boxes, you’re always there to help us out and be a part of the team. Thanks, Adam!


Also, s/o to Jimmy Hartley for the clever pun in the title. I guess licking trees didn’t mess with your head too much.