Professor Anthony Tomkowski is the staple “Fish Guy” at West Virginia University. He taught in WVU’s forestry division for over 45 years, including “West Virginia Natural Resources,” and, most notably, “Freshwater Fishing.”

At the time of the interview, he was just shy of 72 years old and in his last semester of teaching. He retired in Spring 2015, but not without sitting down to tell one of his favorite tales about the biggest fish that’s never been documented.


Jennifer Skinner, a then-freshman journalism student at West Virginia University, loves this school almost more than life itself. She truly embodies the spirit of the mountaineer and has a passion for this state and this school. Jen says there is unity in this institution, and it’s all from being prideful of our school and its mascot.


Jacob King is the associate director of campus ministry at West Virginia University’s church, St. John’s. He has a wonderful story about what keeps him Catholic and not just a general Christian.

This was filmed and edited by me on Friday, April 10, 2015, at 1 a.m.


In this short clip, I attempted to take something somewhat dull – eating a bowl of cereal – and tried to make it visually interesting with a wide variety of angles of b-roll. I even spruced it up with some funky, royalty-free music in the background but was sure to use natural sound in the beginning when the cereal was crashing into the bowl.

Jennifer Skinner eats her cereal in this magical adventure in her quest to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms.


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