Work & Home on the Ranges

It’s only been three days for me spent in Jackson, WY, but the concept of “work” has changed from the physic’s definition of “a force applied to an object” or a 9-5 office space to, now, sighting in .22 rifles and pistols. Firearms instructor Doug said he needed help sighting in the .22 rifles and … More Work & Home on the Ranges

Flooded Homes & Banded Birds

Broken water heaters flood basements, something I have now experienced firsthand. My family doesn’t like flooded homes. I don’t think anyone does, but some birds do. White-throated sparrows, song sparrows and eastern towhees (collectively called “swamp-type sparrows) love wetlands and, luckily, some find their home in West Virginia University’s arboretum. Dr. Chris Rota, an assistant … More Flooded Homes & Banded Birds

Monopoly should include the Black-Backed Oriole in game pieces

Taylor Swift and the black-backed oriole have both made Berks County famous, so it was only appropriate to wake up to “Blank Space” on the morning of my journey to see the bird. My treacherous journey consisted of walking a whole 250 Fitbit-tracked steps on my well-maintained, suburban hometown street, Indiana Avenue (yes, just like Monopoly – maybe … More Monopoly should include the Black-Backed Oriole in game pieces