Multimedia Projects

In a mixed-media world, it’s important to learn how to combine different forms of media within one project. Many of my blog posts contain photos with words, but other projects I’ve worked on add in different elements as well.

Moab, Utah – I went to this lovely town to visit national parks during my spring break in 2015 as part of an adventure travel writing and photography class. My final project included photos, visuals and an audio piece.

Sensor Journalism – Using arduino-sensing technology, a team of student journalists and I recorded PRT temperatures of cars. I also created the graphic “PRT Car and Outside Temperature.”

Arduino videos – Listen to a WVU anthem, a Star Wars classic, or a beloved tune on a Piezo buzzer on the arduino. I wrote the code for the first two videos; the third’s code was courtesy of Dr. Bob Britten.

Riffles – Not like the natural ripples in water, “riffle” stands for “remote independent field-friendly logger electronic.” Through the WVU Reed College of Media and funded by PublicLab, John Keefe of WNYC and Don Blair from MIT created a “riffle” using arduino technology. It read conductivity and temperature of whatever liquid it was in. We got to test it out in Fall 2015 above and below a fracking site in Morgantown, W. Va., on the Monongahela River. In Spring 2016, we continued the study in Grafton, W.Va., in an unnamed tributary. I was the one to jump in the water via my waders, take care of the technology, and attempt to decipher the unreadable data.