Reading Eagle

My hometown paper, the Reading Eagle, welcomed me back to Reading, Pa. , for a summer internship filled with reporting and reconnecting. For 10 weeks, I reported on any and all types of stories, from precious parking spaces to Santa Claus visiting Berks County in the middle of July. I also got to rediscover my hometown and find out what made it so unique and lovable. For a personal account of Summer 2016, check out a story I did for WVU’s Reed College of Media blog here.

Below are a few of the over 40 stories:

Belt Sander Competition – People rode industrial-sized belt sanders as a fundraiser. Hysterical to watch and even more fun to report on, this was my favorite story of the entire internship.

“How to Get Girls” Part 1 and Part 2 – Glass Entertainment Group shot probably the next hit comedy at a high school in the area – what a blast to cover!

Goodwill Careers Start Here – Goodwill created a class for employees that wanted to further their education and careers, even if it wasn’t within management of their company. It helped shine a light into the lives of those who just needed a helping hand.

Hex Sign Painting – The Kutztown Folk Festival, a 9-day celebration of PA Dutch culture, had its 67th annual stint in Kutztown, Pa. This year was the first they painted hex signs on a 14-foot barn in the middle of the festival.

WWII Weekend – World War II Weekend happens every year in Berks County, but it was my first year attending. I found a nice group of fellows who love to meet up once a year at their favorite event of the year.

I wrote columns for the “Life” section as well called “My 2 Cents.” I wrote about a new nickname, The Popemobile of Berks County and a few memorable birthday celebrations.