Rock Climbing

Rock climbers of all levels and ages can unite in Moab, Utah, for a pleasant yet invigorating hike and climb through this southwestern beauty. Listed below are a few of the most famous places to climb. Each location comes with its own rating, which can be explained here.

  1. Looking Glass Rock – This is stressed as one of the best for beginners, and it even gives new climbers a taste of “pitches,” which is just a spot to stop and link to a new rope. Its rating is 5.6 and has a free-repel through the eye of a rock arch – a must for beginners!
  1. Ancient Art – This is a solid tower for intermediate climbers. The rating claims it to be a 5.10, but, with a little scooting around the more difficult parts, it can model a 5.8 rating. This rock tower is recognizable, too – the iconic CitiBank commercial was filmed from this spot! Watch it here in case you forgot.
  1. Castleton Tower – People from around the world travel to climb this tower since it was made famous by the famous Huntley Ingass and Layton Kor outdoor pair. It’s quite difficult – a 5.11 rating, or a 5.9 with a pair – and requires some crack climbing background. There are also four difficult pitches, but it provides an exhilarating climb for those willing to do so.

Obviously, this is not the most extensive list of places to climb. Almost anywhere in the desert of Moab is a gem of a rock to go up on, and anywhere you climb will be a satisfying one with a magnificent view, complete with the self-satisfaction of ascending a giant rock formation, a “mountain of life” of sorts.