Voices, the largest teen publication in the nation, is a weekly insert in the Reading Eagle. I wrote for the section for all four years of high school. During my senior year, I was one of two interns working in the newsrooms, and my duties became more than just writing. I set up photos, thought of story and theme ideas and performed the Hot Question, interviewing 10 random teens a week in the area. Below are a few out of the 103 clips.

My First Turkey – “We had the perfect spot; I just needed to shoot the perfect shot.” I wrote about an incredible hunting adventure of my youth: successfully harvesting my first turkey.

Birding in Berks – A starting guide for the amateur bird nerd.

Puns – As most nerds, I love puns. I got the chance to go public about it.

“Call Your Parents” – As children fly from their parents nests, my siblings gave great reminders to keep in touch with their roots.

Berks County vs. New York City & Poppin’ Tags Experiment – Two collaborative pieces with intern and friend Alex Potcovaru. It was fun to work with another incredible mind that headed off to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.